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1 year plus had passed since my last entry about our Baby Princess. She's now coming to 14 months! :)

So many things had happened during my pregnancy and the birth of our Princess. All I can say is...

I've been jotting down my pregnancy journey, and hope that eventually I can post it up for our Baby Princess to read when she's older - to let her appreciate her life more, to let her appreciate God even more.

Now, entering into the "Parenting" stage of our lives now. I'm enjoying as much as I can despite all the tiredness, struggles, frustration, helplessness, etc.. Looking at Baby Princess growing up to be strong, healthy and smart, it just wiped away all the negative emotions away. I guess all parents felt the same way too.

I just hope that my Baby Princess take her time to grow up =p Hahaha.. She's growing so fast, which is good, but.. I don't know how to put it into words.. Just take your time to grow up my Baby Princess. Mummy and D…

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