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Thursday, February 16, 2017

1 year plus had passed since my last entry about our Baby Princess. She's now coming to 14 months! :)

So many things had happened during my pregnancy and the birth of our Princess. All I can say is...


I've been jotting down my pregnancy journey, and hope that eventually I can post it up for our Baby Princess to read when she's older - to let her appreciate her life more, to let her appreciate God even more.

Now, entering into the "Parenting" stage of our lives now. I'm enjoying as much as I can despite all the tiredness, struggles, frustration, helplessness, etc.. Looking at Baby Princess growing up to be strong, healthy and smart, it just wiped away all the negative emotions away. I guess all parents felt the same way too.

I just hope that my Baby Princess take her time to grow up =p Hahaha.. She's growing so fast, which is good, but.. I don't know how to put it into words.. Just take your time to grow up my Baby Princess. Mummy and Daddy will love you forever, till the end of time.

Many times, I find myself watching her sleep, and I just want to lie beside her and watch her dream. She's so lovely, she's such a dear, she's an angel sent by God into our lives. =)

o~~ it's... 10:46 PM time to ; SHINE! *;

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nowadays, my favourite past time is simply just lying on my back and feeling/watching baby move in my belly.

Im starting to slowly enjoy the pregnancy. Though there are discomforts - swollen legs n fingers, regurgitation, vomiting stomach acid, breathlessness, frequent stomachache, etc.. Despite all these, im starting to enjoy having baby connected so closely to me.. Having baby growing healthily inside me =)

When she kicks hard n strong n frequently, i feel a sense of joy =) though the kicks at times can be slightly uncomforty, knowing that she's active, gives me a good feeling =)

Doctor says that the blood flow to my placenta is not at the optimal level, and had prescribed aspirin for me in hope that more blood can flow through. Doctor will have to monitor the blood flow, and MAY have to deliver baby 2 wks earlier, if there's insufficient blood. I've been praying to God for baby to develop healthily and that may i be able to provide sufficient nutrients for baby to absorb so that she can continue to grow healthily and develop well. May God answer our prayers =)

Contrary to popular thinking of "i cant wait to see baby" - actually i kinda prefer this pregnancy process =p not that i dont wanna see baby.. Im also as excited to see baby and carry her and kiss her everyday. But i feel that once baby is out, we are "officially" her parents, and im worried being one.. Worried if i can be a responsible and qualified parent.. I've been praying to God to guide us and also to mentor us to make wise choices for baby. I want to provide the best for her - making wise choices for her and guiding her to eventually make wise decisions for herself.

Baby baby.. Mummy n Daddy love u.. God loves u too.. Please be patient with us, we are trying to be good parents and wanna provide our best for u..

Anyw, today i've experience my first ever pregnancy "full-pledged" leg cramp (during my 26th wk of pregnancy) while i just woke up from my sleep. In the past, it is "almost cramp" when i stretch myself, so i managed to prevent it going "full-pledge". But today, not sure how it happen, then suddenly CRAMP! Damm painful! I tried to pull my leg myself (instinct reaction), but my growing tummy is in the way and also i can stretch all the way myself.. So i "screamed" - "argh! Argh! Cramp! cramp!" , and naturally swing my leg over to Honey. Hahahaha. Thankfully, we work well as a team.. When he heard me screaming, he woke up n quickly grab my leg to stretch it. Immediately, it was better =) Thank you, Honey! I LOVE U! *hugs* *mucks* hahahaha times like these just make me feel so love and that we have so much telepathy.. =)

Like recently, we went with his family for supper. I came late coz i was heading down from my D&D while they were all already at the restaurant. Honey already ordered a drink for me, but i thot he didnt. So when i saw the drinks that the waiter delivered, i pointed to the waiter that i wanted soya grass jelly. Honey stopped me, and said that this drink is actually mine! *loves* oh~ how my heart melts.. Telepathy.. Loves.. Heehee how he knows what i want.. =) i just love all these small acts of love that totally melts me, and reminds me why he's the one for me =)

It's not like always its lovey dovey.. We have our frustrated moments and quarrels too.. But i just have to conscious choose not to think abt it and share abt it. Coz i believe the more bad stuffs u talk abt each other, the more negative energy it creates, i dont think that's how God would want us to build our relationship and marriage on.. So i rather choose to focus and share more on our positive experiences! =)

I love you Honey!
I love you Baby Donelle! (Yes! I think we have chosen this name for baby =) Honey havent 100% confirm it yet though =p hahaha)

I hope that with our family of 2, growing into family of 3.. Our love for each other will continue to grow grow grow too! =)

o~~ it's... 7:31 PM time to ; SHINE! *;

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Our DE Honeymoon Baby Princess! 

Life is indeed AMAZING! =) 
Just a few months back, I signed off as MRS QUEK, 
and now I'm going to sign off as MUMMY QUEK! =) 

Right now, our lovely Princess is already 25 weeks old 
She's growing well =) 

We were a little surprised as our Princess came almost 1-2 months after our wedding. 
She is indeed a God-given pleasant surprise =) 

Though we haven't 'officially' have our Honeymoon, 
(if you exclude Church Camp, and our short malaysia road trip over the long weekend)
we are just feeling blessed that our little Princess must have came at God's right timing =)

As we take on our new role as parents, shortly after being husband and wife.. 
We need to grow closer to God, to seek his guidance and blessing, 
to support us through this family-building journey. 

There will be many changes in our life pretty soon, 
but we are hopeful =)
With little Princess being a part of the Quek Family, 
we are worried, anxious about being first-time parents, 
yet excited about her arrival.. 

Right now, we are still brainstorming about her name.. 
There was quite abit of 'debate'.. 
But at least we agreed that our 1st born's initial will start with Honey's initial, 
and our 2nd born's initial will start with my initial.
(Then our family can be called D2E2.. hahahah) 

So Honey decided to pray to God, and do up a survey among our families and friends..
HAHAHA.. I think its quite cute.. 

Of coz, the survey is NOT going to be the main deciding factor of our Princess's name. 
It's just a gauge for us to have a sensing on the 'likeness' of the names that we'd thought. 
We want a name for our Princess that majority finds it nice too. 

So here I'm, compiling the results of the survey, 
while Honey is still working OT due to month end. 

While Baby Princess and I wait for Honey to be back home, 
I've done up the results to show him! 

Here's the results as of 3 Nov 2015, 1am. 

Seemed like "Donelle" is leading! =) 
Whee! =) 

I love the name "Donelle" 
It has the meaning of "world leader", and I would like my Princess to be a leader, 
a righteous leader, a lady with good leadership characteristics =)
Moreover, I think the name is very unique, and also it's a combination of Honey and my name! =) 

Actually, Honey prefer the name "Dawn".
He likes the meaning that its the "first daybreak", giving very positive and inspiring expression. 
I agree it's very meaningful too, and I like it as well.
However, "Dawn" and "Donne" would sound exactly the same. It will be so confusing.  
I like it that Honey love to have our children's name close to his name =) 
Makes me feel that he loves our children very much =) 
However, "Dawn" and "Donne" is really going to be too confusing.. 

I shall show Honey the results, and we'll decide again.. 

This is not the end yet! 
We still have chinese name that we totally haven't think of! 
Chinese name is going to be tough, there's so many more combination of good meanings. 
We will definitely need our parents' contribution in it! 

May God provide us with wisdom to make the wise choices for our Baby
(there's a lot more difficult choices that we have in the near future to make other than names), 
and to guide us to be responsible and qualified parents. 

o~~ it's... 1:37 AM time to ; SHINE! *;

Thursday, July 09, 2015

In a blink of an eye,
we are now MR & MRS QUEK!
It has been an exciting journey, 
from buying of our house, 
to selecting our wedding venue,
to deciding on the details of our house renovation, 
to planning our wedding program.. 
Everything was happening at the same time!
Very overwhelming and tiring, I would say, 
but we made it through! =) 

Now we are enjoying our marriage life, in a place where we can finally call HOME!

 Here's some pre-wedding photos and actual day photos..

I didn't know how did the day past, 
but it all just happened in a flash of lightning. 
I was very very tired, but yet I was enjoying myself =) 
HAHAHA, how I wish I can relive the moment once again. 
Tiring, but worth it all. 

Most importantly, 
we've got blessing from our families, relatives and friends, 
and most essentially, 
from God =) 

The planning experience of our wedding, 
was actually quite 'chill-lax' for us.
I guess 'coz our focus was more on our home renovation - which was the more pressuring one. 
Perhaps that's the reason why we were very 'chill-lax' on our wedding planning. hahaha. 
It is also because we both agree that wedding is only a one-day event, marriage is forever, 
and a HOME is where our family is going to build, 
thus we know what should be place as priority. 

Also, we are very blessed with families and friends who are always there to support us,
without them, we won't be so 'chill-lax' on our wedding planning too!

And I must say that I truly witness the "Murphy's Law", 
2 days before our wedding, 
our wedding planners-aka-our friends,
shared with us the sad news about the passing of their grandmother, 
and that they might not be able to make it for our wedding. 
Initially, I was quite worried, but.. 
our friends have been doing such a good job that most of the stuffs are already in place..
so there's nothing too worrying.. 
Moreover, we have also previously agreed that the only most important part of our wedding, 
is the blessing of the pastor. 
Hence, everything else, we will just let it flow naturally... 
Everything else, is not as essential.. 
what's more important is that we enjoy ourselves! =) 

It is through the grace of God, the blessing and support of all our families and friends, 
that I feel that our wedding has been a very ENJOYABLE and BLESSED one! =) 

There's so much people that I would like to thank.. 

Shi, Jia, Yan, Joey, Ratna, and Yamuna. 
Thank you for being my sisters, and also my sisters in my life..
This day has been made super meaningful 'coz of all you gals! 
I can't wait to attend all your weddings and help u to plan too!

Chengyi, Jason, JJ, Enz, Ee Choon, Wen Bin, and Yongjie.
Thank you for going through all the hard work, especially the gate crash and coordinating everything.
You guys sure gave us a big surprise with the Avengers dance team! 
It has always been a joy to have u all around! 

We can't express how grateful we are. 
Taking your personal time to help us all the way!
You guys are like professional wedding planners.
We can't imagine how this whole wedding will be without you both!
Though you can't be here on the actual day to see the fruits of your labour, 
we can only say how we appreciate everything that you both had done for us. 

Thank you for being soooooo on-the-ball. 
Despite being "on-call" so last min, 
you both took up the 'challenge' and made everything run so well! 
I really can't imagine how we will be without the support of u both! 
We can't say enough of THANKS! to you both.
Thank for saving the day =)

The 'back stager', silent, but contributing so much for our wedding. 
Our wedding website, our "how we met video".. 
All done by her, FOR FREE! 
All her effort, her own time, her expertise.. 
THANK YOU for making our wedding experience even more exciting! =)

There's still alot of people for me to thank.. 
But I need to sign off soon.. 
Pardon me for doing so.. 
I really want to thank everyone of you, 
and also all the families, relatives and friends who came, and even those who can't make it for our wedding.. 

We had an enjoyable and memorable wedding, 
and we will continue to make our marriage life a meaningful and fulfiling one! 

- Signing off as Mrs Quek

o~~ it's... 8:52 PM time to ; SHINE! *;

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For all that you've done
For all that you are going to do 
Thank you for doing your miracle

I will just have to rely on You
Trust in You
Be still, and know You are God

Thank you, Father 

o~~ it's... 1:34 PM time to ; SHINE! *;

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thank You Father..
Thank You..
Thank You for watching over me..
Thank You for looking over us..
Thank You for giving us this very good opportunity..
Thank You..

"I will be still and know You are God"

o~~ it's... 9:39 AM time to ; SHINE! *;

Father, please guide me on what to do..
Please talk to me and show me Father on how it should be done..
Im very tired Father..

But still,
Thank you Father..
For the strength and courage You'd given me ytd..
I'm not sure if i handled it well enough..
But Thank You..

I'm not sure if i can "survive" through today..
Please continue to bless me and watch over me Father..

I'm really tired..
I'm not sure what else to do now..

Father, please work your miracle here..
I really need You..
We really need You...
Please tell me what i should do..

"I will be still, and know You are God"

o~~ it's... 7:50 AM time to ; SHINE! *;

I'm sorry..
Have i done wrong again?
I'm so sorry..

Father, please help me..
Father.. Please..

o~~ it's... 12:03 AM time to ; SHINE! *;

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Father.. Can u be my GPS?
Talk to me Father, please?
Im really lost..
I wanna just disappear..
Am i too timid? Too timid to face all these struggles n difficulties?
I cant do this alone Father..
Please save me..
Please protect me Father..
Please Father..
Tell me what i should do..

" Hide me now
Under Your wings
Cover me
Within Your mighty hands
When the oceans rise
And thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, You are king above the flood
I will be still and know You are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know His power
In quietness and trust
When the oceans rise
And thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, You are king above the flood
I will be still and know You are God"

" 所需要的力量你天天赐给我

Thank you Father, for the strength that you'd given me for today. Thank You..

Please Father, guide me, lead me..
 I've entrusted myself onto You..
Only You truly understands the struggles, my feelings..
I cant do all these alone..
Please help me Father.. Guide me..

o~~ it's... 11:12 PM time to ; SHINE! *;